• Mustard Powder

    Mustard Powder made ​​by mixing white and black mustard rubbed together. The mixture passes from thin muslin and then may be added little wheat flour, sugar, salt or other spices to give the desired flavor and aroma. Συνέχεια
  • Allspice

    Allspice pimento or otherwise obtained from species of the genus Pimenta Dioica pimento and refers to certain sweet varieties have fruit with great flavor without being spicy. The fruit of the variety Myrtus Pimenta is tough brown fruit with peppery and spicy at the same time. Συνέχεια
  • Baking Powder

    Baking powder (Baking Powder) is a white powder, which acts as a bulking agent when added to the dough when preparing bakery. Inflate and lighten the texture of these preparations. Συνέχεια
  • Spicy chilli

    The word pepper in Slavic means hot, so the name of the spice that immediately reveals the feature. Best pepper made ​​from the pepper "boukofka" and the Boukovitiki or Mediterranean chili pepper gives good quality spice. Συνέχεια
  • Ginger

    Spice that comes from the plant Zingiber Officinale Roscoe, aka Zintemel in Asia, as Tzintzimpira and GINGER. Not produce fruit and multiplied through the root. Its flowers are initially green and then red. Συνέχεια
  • Green Pepper

    The green pepper is harvested immature green fruit of the plant Piper nigrum. The plant grows in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, in Brazil. Συνέχεια
  • Oregano

    Herbaceous and bushy plant that grows in dry and rock venues throughout Greece Mediterranean and Europe. The plant syllegeta in early July and dried . The leaves and flowers rubbed giving us this excellent product which is native for thousands of years. Συνέχεια
  • Salep

    The Salepi is a type of orchid that grows in the mountains of the Balkans and Asia Minor. The beverage salep produced tubers of the plant. Συνέχεια
  • Mustard Yellow & Black

    Spice that comes from the plant Sinapis Alba ( white ), Sinapis Nigra ( black ) and Sinapis Arvensis ( wild ) . The white mustard is a plant that grows up to 80 cm with small yellow flowers that bloom from June to October and thrives in sunny calcareous soils where it rains very little. Mostly found in European countries. Συνέχεια
  • Dried garlic

    Vegetable and spice derived from the plant Allium Sativum. Small plant that can reach up to 70 cm with small pinkish- white or white-green flowers or sometimes reddish small bulbs instead of flowers. Συνέχεια
  • Soda

    The soda is a compound of formula NaHCO3. It is found under many names cooking soda , bicarbonate of soda and the chemical name sodium bicarbonate. It is a white crystalline powder but often appears as a fine powder . Συνέχεια
  • Lime (Linden)

    COLLECTION: During the period of bloom (June-July) collected flowers and tender leaves on the tops of stems. Deciduous tree (linden, ash, maple), common in European forests, which reaches up to 25m. in height. Συνέχεια
  • Mountain Tea

    The genus Sideritis L. includes a variety of plant species consisting of herbaceous annuals, herbaceous perennials, and shrubs . These aromatic and medicinal plants belonging to the family Labiatae (Lamiaceae). Συνέχεια
  • Ceylon tea

    The Ceylon third world country in production, produces light and delicate black teas like Dimbula, Uva, Highlands, Nuwara Eliya which owe their fine taste in the special conditions prevailing in the highlands that grows tea.
  • Tsemeni

    The other name for the Greek fenugreek. Plant sometimes reaching up to 60 cm height. Spring gather leaves and summer seeds. As cultivation in Cement has the ability to restore nitrogen to the soil. Συνέχεια

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