• Red Chilli Pepper

    Red hot chili pepper or Cayenne Pepper or Capsicum annum. Is known chili, ground chili pepper powder. Its origin is from Central and South America but is now grown almost all over the world. There are too many varieties of chili. Basic components of the vitamin C and D and of course capsaicin. Συνέχεια
  • Coriander

    Spice that comes from the plant Coriandrum Sativum, aka Bug or Koutvaras. Producing countries coriander are India, Argentina, Morocco, Romania, Spain, Serbia, Bulgaria and Mexico. It is a small plant that lives for many years with beautiful small white or red flowers. Συνέχεια
  • Cone

    Pine nuts or koukounarosporos is the edible fruit of the pine family Pinaceae genus Pinus. The most widely distributed pine species in the world is Pityous pine that grows in many countries in Europe and in our country. The koukounarosporoi usually harvested by hand. Their flavor reminiscent of almond although a bit spicier. The koukounarosporos accompany delicious salads, meats, sauces and desserts. Συνέχεια
  • Onion

    Vegetable and spice that comes from the plant Allium Cepa and probably comes from Southeast Asia. Plant that can reach up to two meters high. Not only leaf buds and flowers which appear at the top as inflorescence and small white-green. The bases of the leaves swell and form underground stem, which is the known onion (vegetable). Συνέχεια
  • Cumin

    Spice that comes from the plant Cuminum Cyminum. Small annual herbaceous plant which has small white or pink flowers. Its seeds are strong and agreeable odor and taste acidic, aromatic and stimulant. Συνέχεια
  • Linseed

    Linseed or Linum usitatissimum is the seed of the flax. The flax plant is especially known for the manufacture of linen and linseed known since ancient times for the healing and beneficial properties. Συνέχεια
  • Verbena

    Shrub with bright lemon flavor. The leaves and flowers give a great concoction. The kitchen is not used very often except in soups.
  • Parsley

    Spice derived from plants Petroselinum Sativum Petroselinum Crispum known as Persemolo or Makedonisi . Biennial plant which grows mainly in the Mediterranean countries , although there are varieties that will withstand even in colder climates. In the first year of life appear dark green curly leaves or leaflets that we use in cooking , fresh or dried. Another year in summer appear yellow-green flowers arranged on the tops of stems. Followed by fruiting . One of the best seasonings for salads , soups and fish. Συνέχεια
  • Marjoram

    Spice that comes from the plant Origanum Majorana known as Sapsycho or origan the amaranth . It grows mainly in the mountains and cliffs are also found in gardens . Used the flowering tops of the plant , but it is preferable to be collected before the branches bloom completely. Flowering lasts from July to October. The marjoram is known from very old. Συνέχεια
  • Fennel seeds

    Fennel seeds , is the seed of the plant fennel or Foeniculum vulgare, the family Apiaceae genus Foeniculum. Fennel is a perennial plant and grows mostly on the shores of the Mediterranean basin. Flourishes and other places around the world , in areas with dry ground, near a marine coasts or river banks . Συνέχεια
  • Natural Chios Mastic

    Spice product mastic mastic tree. Aromatic resin (resin) produced from the peel of mastic. Mainly used in baking and distilleries but also in cooking indicated that gives special, pleasant and nice flavor to the meat and therefore it fits well with chicken breasts and turkey. Συνέχεια
  • Black Pepper

    Black pepper is the immature green fruit of the plant Piper nigrum. The immature fruit is harvested and dried in the sun and becomes black and hard. Grown mainly in India, Indinisia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Brazil. Pepper is the most commercial spice worldwide. Συνέχεια
  • Mahaleb

    Mahlepi, the seed of the plant Prunus Mahaleb. It is a kind of cherry, often found as cherries or Machlepokerasia. It grows in many parts of Europe and the Mediterranean, such as Southern Europe, Central West Asia, North Africa, Morocco, South Belgium, Germany and Northwest Pakistan. Συνέχεια
  • Mint Leaves

    Aromatic plant with references to it from the time of Hippocrates and promising future because of its features . Genes of the mint plant have patented because of its properties that confer to the mint . The leaves have a strong aroma and pleasantly spicy taste, which at first warm and then cool . This property is characteristic of a high content of essential oils, particularly menthol . Συνέχεια
  • Nutmeg

    Spice that comes from the evergreen tree Myristica Fragrans and meets the Moluccas , Indonesia and the Spice Islands , considered the country of origin. Συνέχεια

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