In the encyclopedia you will find interesting information about spices, herbs and general categories of operating our company. It should certainly be noted that not sent with scientific work, but it is a long-term data collection of books, websites, magazine articles, and the lore of the year dealing with the subject. We are of course open and we would be pleased to any suggestions or your experiences with this product (particularly the Greek) which can enrich our knowledge....

  • Rosse Pepper

    The rosse pepper is mainly produced in Brazil by a peppery schino has absolutely nothing to do with the familiar black pepper. Συνέχεια
  • Salt

    Salt and cooking salt or Sodium chloride. One of the key components of human nutrition, is composed primarily of sodium chloride (NaCl). There salts or iodides or Fluoride. The basic categories of salt is sea salt, salt lakes, rivers and groundwater and rock salt. Συνέχεια
  • Ammonia

    Ammonia is used as an auxiliary material of food otherwise called ammonium bicarbonate and has formula NH4HCO3. Συνέχεια
  • Dill

    Spice that comes from the plant Anethum Craveolens. Aromatic plant which can grow up to one meter in height, with bright yellow small flowers that appear in summer months. Indigenous mainly in Asian countries, but not only, is native to moist meri.Kalliergeitai now more widely in Europe, North America and Asia. India is the world leader in production of dill. Followed by China, Mexico and Spain. Συνέχεια
  • White pepper

    White pepper. Is completely ripe fruit of the plant Piper nigrum. Initially this fruit is red and left to soak in water for about a week. By soaking the peel softens and removed. Then the granules are dried and left in the sun and thus acquire the white-yellow color. Of course there are other methods for receipt of white pepper, mechanical, chemical or biological. Συνέχεια
  • Asteroid anise Illicum Verum

    Star anise or Chinese or Dill Illicum verum. It is a spice that has anise aroma coming from the southwestern Kina.Prokeitai for a beautiful star-shaped fruit. The seeds are brown in color and is shiny. The asteroid glykanosos rich pp. essential oils mainly antholi and used for food preparation, but also in medicine. Botanists are not akin to the common dill, but have the same tastes. Συνέχεια
  • Natural vanilla

    Natural vanilla comes from the vanilla plant (Vanilla planifoilia), a variety of the family of orchids. Vanilla is mainly present in the seeds of the plant. Seeds are fermented (matured) to release the vanillin, the main union of vanilla. During ripening the seeds get the characteristic black color. Συνέχεια
  • Vanillin

    The vanillin produced chemicals, which is much cheaper than pure natural vanilla. Συνέχεια
  • Basil

    Spice that comes from the plant Ocinum Basilicum. Small herb, one-year, which is mostly found in India and in Iran and widely cultivated in France, Hungary in North America and the Mediterranean. There are several varieties of the plant that are differentiated from each other by the color and size of the leaves and the flowers. Blooms from July to September. Συνέχεια
  • Egg Dyes

    The egg dyes were traditionally metallic powder which boils to paint eggs. Συνέχεια
  • Cloves

    Spice that comes from the small tree Eugenie Aromatica or Caryuphyllete. Thrives in the Philippines, Sumatra, Madagascar, Jamaica, West Indies, Brazil and the Antilles. Meets and as agriokarfi or Kardiofyllos. The botanical name is Syzycium aromaticum. Συνέχεια
  • Monosodium glutamate - Delicious

    Monosodium glutamate or Delicious or MSG (MonoSodium Glutamate). Is an added food ingredient. They're using as a flavor enhancer. According to the European Food Safety Authority as an additional component has the code E-621. Συνέχεια
  • Anise

    Aniseed or Pimpinella Anisum. It is a spice native to Mediterranean territory and southwestern Asia. Belongs to the family Apiaceae. The flavor resembles that of fennel, licorice and estrangon. Συνέχεια
  • Mint

    Aromatic herb-spice with very distinctive odor. Spice Multipurpose belongs to the mint family and has the same aromatic properties. Συνέχεια
  • Estrangon

    Spice derived from the plant Artemisia Absinthum known as absinthe. Found in dry soils and is known since antiquity. It is a small plant with beautiful yellow flowers arranged in sheaves which bloom from July to August. Used flowery tops, leaves and roots. Συνέχεια

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