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About Us

Natural Ingredients
for a healthy & flavorful life.

Carefully chosen ingredients from the four corners of our beautiful earth. Salts from himalaia to rooibos from South Africa. Cinnamon from Ceylon to Saffron from Kozani, our birthplace. You choose your pallet.
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The Company

Bagatzounis & Sons SA is a family owned business that produces, processes, packages and sells spices, scented plants, herbs, beverages and general agricultural products. The company is based in Vatero Kozani, Western Macedonia.

The company began to operate in 1976. The company’s priority is the Greek Aromatic Plants, which is the wealth of the Greek land, which specifically in Western Macedonia, with its rich flora and fauna, thrive and provide high quality organoleptic properties.Our goal is for our products to reach the place that they deserve in the Greek and the International market.

Our goal is for our products to reach the place that they deserve in the Greek and the International market. This effort is conducted through the collaboration with Greek farmers whose main goal is to produce high quality products. We cooperate with people who share the common belief that all of us can produce pure, safe and innovative products. For that reason we have collaborations with a plethora of external partners (Universities, laboratories, agriculturalists, chemists, organizations, agricultural coops, etc.)

The Facilities

The company’s facilities are found in a key location point in Vatero, Kozani. The privately owned property covers 2000 sq.m. of building facilities and 14000 sq.m. in agricultural facilities. All our facilities are state of the art and are distinguished for their functionality. Sanitization and extermination are conducted frequently, and there is also modern cleaning equipment. Included in the main building we have a warehouse featuring more than 1200 pallet storage shelves.

The Origin

High, in Kozani, on the most mountainous ragged region of Greece, on the pinacle of Greek mountain herbal production, we bloom. This is where for almost 50 years we produce, learn and appreciate all the secrets of the greek agricultural production. Based on our knowledge we travel the world seeking the best materials for our clients to enjoy and pass on the true value of our struggle for perfection.

The Future

With a comprehensive RnD department and an invaluable up to date Quality Control lab, we gaze uppon the future with even more confidence. Our goal is to offer the most to each of your recipes and make you a master of your kitchen a master of your brew.